Ideas for Selling During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every organization differently. Some companies have now closed permanently, some managed to adapt in order to stay afloat, and some benefited simply because of the type of products or services they offer.

Here at Interpro, we have successfully adapted to working in a hybrid environment, while still providing the same level of service and support to our clients. We’d like to share some tips on best selling practices during the pandemic that we urge you to consider.

Reach out to past inquiries

Stay in touch with prospective clients. Try reaching out to potential buyers that have previously made inquiries, but have never bought from you or subscribed to your services. Let them know you are still available to assist them with their needs.

Leverage your network

Since in-person networking events have been few and far between during the pandemic, it is beneficial to keep in touch with your current customer base. A simple reminder that you are available if you need help goes a long way. It took a lot of effort to build your customer base, and communicating with them is a courteous and efficient way to stay in front of them.

Reach out to potential clients

Create a segment in your email database for those potential clients that could have an interest in your service offerings. Simply sending a potential client a quick email with the services you provide can generate some opportunities. There are plenty of organizations that need the goods or services that your company offers.

Follow up with all inquiries

Give your inquiries the white glove service as much as you possibly can. In other words, you need to act quickly and respond in a timely manner. Ask how they identified you as a potential provider; the answer may provide you with talking points and an advantage over potential competitors.

Optimize your website

This is a good time to be looking at your website analytics. Determine how the activity on your website is best being followed with positive activity. If possible, make appropriate changes. Refresh existing content, and keep new and exciting information updated. An outdated website will not be the best way to attract new business.

Consider live chat on your website

Think about adding a Messenger application on your website to enable visitors to easily communicate with you.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in different ways, and many opportunities exist with both new as well as existing clients. Remain vigilant concerning creative communication options that can be utilized both in email messages and on your website. Finally, don’t lose sight of the fact that you have many opportunities to satisfy the needs of your existing client base, as well as those potential clients that need the products and services that you provide.