Let Document Translation Take your Business to the Next Level

How many documents has your company created? There’s a good chance that number is in the hundreds, if not thousands. With so many documents containing information that is integral to how your business runs, clear communication is paramount. When your company expands to include multilingual employees and audiences, professional document translation services work efficiently to help you share information accurately.

Professional document translation services provided by the Interpro team can help every organization, from manufacturing or software companies to associations, find their voice and communicate clearly in a global marketplace. Our team of professional linguists are in-country and paired by subject-matter expertise. That way, the linguist who translates your document can ensure that deliverables are not simply translated; they are also localized to the target region.

Document Translation Shares Information Accurately

When you ball parked the number of documents that your company shares with employees and audiences, did you consider both print and digital documents? With communication taking on so many formats, professional document translation is more important than ever. Some of the most popular document translation projects include multilingual desktop publishing, InDesign translation, Excel translation, PDF translation, PowerPoint translation, and User Manual translation.

A professional translation team, such as Interpro, understands how document translation needs can vary dramatically based on each project and each client. For instance, needs can vary widely based on the specific industry. Also, associations may have different needs altogether. The linguists who perform the translation will have a specific experience working with that industry or with associations to understand these specific needs.

Understanding Industry-Specific Translation Needs

While there may be similarities across companies, there are also significant differences. A manufacturing company and a software company are likely to create content using different files. Every industry may use Microsoft Word, but only some companies utilize Adobe Framemaker. Professional document translation services alleviate the worry due to the team’s familiarity with a wide variety of file types. Additionally, each linguist has an understanding of the technical terminology specific to that industry. Continued partnership over time will help document translation teams develop a consistent style as well.

Translation for Associations

The translation needs of associations can be quite different from those of companies. Many associations are focused on communicating their research, findings, and other educational materials with wide audiences. In addition to using different terminology, the translation format may be different. As a result, document translation may be necessary when it comes to posting research abstracts in various journals or translating other educational materials to be shared internationally.

Document Translation Promotes Efficiency

Professional document translation eliminates the need for a company to create content from scratch to reach different audiences and to meet the needs of multilingual employees. Instead, as a company’s reach becomes more global, professional document translation allows companies to communicate quickly. Interpro Translation Solutions has a document translation workflow that maximizes accuracy and efficiency.

Because a transition team oversees the entire process, the results are streamlined. All a company needs to do to begin the document translation process is provide the source materials and identify the target language(s). Afterward, our team will perform an analysis that shares the estimated cost and delivery date. Then, our team takes over with the translation while your company is now free to use its time and resources to take care of other tasks.

Final Thoughts on Document Translation

Ideas are the heart of any company. Without ideas, companies couldn’t run. Both digital and print documents capture these ideas and give your company a clear voice. When you are ready to share that voice globally with growing audiences and wider employee bases, document translation is necessary. By partnering with a professional translation team, that voice stays clear and accurate no matter how it is shared.