Video Transcription and Translation

Whether designed to communicate within your organization or to connect with a global, external audience, video is a powerful tool for fostering meaningful engagement between different people. Video re-creates and projects the full spectrum of human interaction, enabling you to achieve your business objectives across linguistic and cultural boundaries by making it available in one or more languages.

Interpro’s video transcription and translation services are executed and delivered in accordance with ISO standards 9001:2015 and 17100:2015.


Video and audio files are created from narrative elements which comprise the script. The script may or may not exist as a file, and if not, the very first step in the video translation process is to create it by transcribing the narrative.

Transcription involves a native speaker of the source narration language:

  • watching and listening to the entire video;
  • typing everything that is narrated, exactly as it is heard in the video;
  • noting important information such the number, gender, and tone of voices heard in the video;
  • transcribing any text appearing on screen during the video (this needs to be translated, too);
  • saving it as a translatable document (typically using Microsoft Word).

Prior to translation, the transcribed script will typically go through several iterations of Quality Assurance to ensure that all narration, on-screen text, as well as any other important information are accurately transcribed.

Script Translation

Once the video’s script has been finalized, the translation process can be launched. All of the narrative script elements will be translated, revised and proofread, as will any on-screen text appearing in the video.

At this point, the final target-language script content is ready for the next step in the video localization process: voiceover recording.