eCommerce Localization

By definition, on-line content has a global reach, and the last thing you want is for a potential customer to click out of an on-line shopping cart because they don’t speak the language in which your website is available.

A multilingual web presence increases sales by making your content more widely available, since the information is available in the language of your target audience. Whether you are selling to foreign markets or shipping your products internationally, industry research has demonstrated that visitors are more likely to buy from a website if the information is available in their native language.

With our eCommerce localization services, certified to conform to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards, Interpro can make this happen.

Extend your global reach

In addition to translating static web pages, Interpro’s eCommerce translation process allows us to localize database-driven content, graphic images, and retail product descriptions. State-of-the-art technology and expert engineering allow us to identify duplicated content across multiple pages, resulting in a lower overall translation cost for our clients and faster time to market – without sacrificing the quality of your brand.

Despite the fact that many projects are similar in terms of the type and structure of content to be translated, Interpro takes a consultative, client-oriented approach with each and every project. This approach means that our team will review your project requirements, and customize a translation workflow that best fits your needs every time.

Interpro has considerable experience translating industry-specific marketing-based content, and we pair our translators to projects based on their area of expertise to ensure that the quality of your retail localization is unparalleled. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to review your eCommerce site, pinpoint your goals, and plan a strategy so that your retail website is more informative for your target audience, and thus more effective for you and your bottom line.

Language Support Considerations for eCommerce Localization

Traditionally, people frequented their neighborhood stores, rarely traveling more than a few miles to make a purchase. The Internet has now made it possible for someone in the United States to buy a product made and sold in Asia with just one click. Reaching millions of international customers and growing your international on-line business will, in some cases, involve operating in local languages. If your web pages and webstores are not localized, you may miss out on the opportunities that the interconnected globalized economy offers you.

Sales Channels

Using a sales channel like Amazon International Marketplace? If your organization is considering this, you need to be aware that you are required to provide customer support to that particular marketplace in its native language, unless you use Fulfillment by Amazon. For instance, if you are selling on or, you’re required to provide customer support in Japanese or Spanish, respectively. You can choose to do it on your own or have Amazon do it when you join FBA. Additionally, localizing your products, product descriptions, marketing, copy, or packaging will allow you to better meet the needs of your new customers.

When done correctly, Amazon translation allows your product information to not only be culturally adapted to reach a wider audience, but it also keeps your brand consistent across all languages, building confidence with global buyers.

Additional eCommerce Localization considerations

Your customers need more than just textual available information in their language when they are buying your product. A properly localized site will take into consideration, for example, metric measurements, foreign currencies, and international shipping information, which in turn will communicate to your audience that you care about their needs, your relationship with them, and their business.

If your organization’s objectives include selling around the world, eCommerce localization is a critical marketing tool to consider. With eCommerce localization services from Interpro, you can increase your on-line revenue, market share, and client satisfaction.

Please contact us if you would like more information concerning how Interpro can help you achieve global success.