The Interpro Team

One of the questions that we are frequently asked is: "What are your differentiators?" Without a doubt, the most important factor that differentiates us from our competition is the people who are Interpro.

Adriana Romano

Project Manager

Beshar Bahjat

Vice President, Technology

Dean Haman

Business Development Manager

Erica Goldberg

Project Manager

Jim Roth

Desktop Publishing Specialist

Judy Wig

Bookkeeper/Office Assistant

Justin Carrell

Localization Engineer

Larry Pilotto

Chief Web Officer / Desktop Publishing Manager

Lei Meng

Manager, Project Management

Mauricio Serrano

Project Manager

Nick Strozza

Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Patrick Pittsford

Marketing and Sales Associate

Ralph Strozza


Stefanie Brockway

Sales Coordinator

Yuko Kato

Senior Project Manager

Who are we? Interpro is a group of highly dedicated professionals that provide the best overall localization solutions for the organizations that trust in us. Over half of our staff has been with the Company for over 10 years - a critical competitive advantage which enables our team to provide stability, continuity, and consistency for our clients due to our extensive experience and expertise.

Interpro's employees consist of some of the most experienced professionals in the localization industry. Our project managers, software localization engineers, multilingual DTP specialists and business development managers have all worked in the language translation and software localization industry for several years, and are active participants in the process from start to finish. This hands-on approach applies not only to clients and projects, but includes working in concert with our global partners, some of whom have been working with us since 1995.

Each member of the Interpro team possesses unique skill sets, a ClientFirst attitude, and a can-do work ethic which keep our clients coming back to us, project after project and year after year. Each employee embodies responsiveness, personal commitment, professionalism, and a desire to exceed each client's expectations. This is what helps set us apart from our competitors.

Interpro's team consists of the following functional areas:

Project management

Project Managers are our clients' central point of contact concerning all project-specific issues, from project scope analysis and evaluation, to on-going communications while work is in progress, to scheduling and quality control, through implementation and billing. Project Managers manage the entire team and processes to ensure that each project is delivered on time, within budget, and with a degree of professionalism that our clients have come to expect from us. Each Interpro Project Manager is a translator by profession, providing an additional level of quality assurance for our clients.

Software localization engineers

Software Localization Engineers are responsible for all of the technical aspects of each translation project, executing file preparation and scope analysis, and providing leveraged word breakdowns and engineering times to be included in the quotation to the client. Interpro’s Localization Engineers work closely with our clients both in the pre and post-translation phases of each project in order to scope, prepare, and validate technical source and target language content for projects involving application software localization, on-line Help, web content, eLearning or mobile application translation, among others.

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) specialists

All project components requiring multilingual desktop publishing, design, Flash integration, or graphics localization are executed by our desktop publishing teams under the direction of our DTP Manager. Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing Specialists ensure that the final translated product is formatted properly and is of the highest visual quality prior to delivery to our clients.

Business development and marketing

Our sales and marketing team develops and manages client relationships, provides quotations for translation projects, and otherwise assists with overall account issues. Marketing activities include selecting and preparing for industry events, trade shows and networking events to be attended and sponsored by Interpro, promoting Interpro's value and services to potential clients through advertisements and targeted marketing campaigns, and conducting client satisfaction surveys to track our overall level of client service.

Production support/administration

Our administration and production support team handles all financial transactions with our clients, partners and employees, including invoicing, processing of payments, benefits management, and payroll. Interpro's administration staff also provides clerical support for all functional areas of the business.


Interpro's management team oversees all day-to-day business activities, ensuring that all functional areas adhere to our overall client-centric business model, the heart and soul of Interpro and a critical factor for our success. Management takes an active, hands-on approach to all aspects of the company from client relationship development to quality assurance activities in order to further develop Interpro's excellent reputation and overall success in our industry.

We look forward to taking the time to understand your specific needs, and to working with you in order to design a solution which will ensure your organization's success in today's global marketplace.