Quando tutte le informazioni che vi servono sono proprio davanti a voi, perché cercare altrove? Avventuratevi negli articoli scritti dai nostri esperti di traduzioni e tuffatevi nel mondo della localizzazione.

Il nostro obiettivo è mettere a vostra disposizione informazioni utili e chiare che vi aiutino a rendere il processo di traduzione il più lineare possibile. Desideriamo mostrarvi quello che accade dietro le scene per fare in modo che vi fidiate di noi per stabilire una partnership duratura all'insegna di qualità, coerenza e servizio. Scoprite i suggerimenti che apriranno il vostro mondo al mercato globale.


Translation and Localization: The Global Opportunity For Non-Profits »

We all know that the world we live in is becoming much smaller due to technological advances. News which was previously limited to just a small local area are quickly becoming the headlines all around the world. While many will see this as an opportunity to learn more about the world we live in, it [...]


Manufacturing translation: what to know in the 21st century »

The manufacturing industry has gone through some changes the last few decades. Manufacturers have struggled with relocating manufacturing bases, which has caused resistance from customers who want goods manufactured closer to home. Also, at certain times over the last few decades, the price of oil has risen and has stressed manufacturers that ship their goods throughout the [...]

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How eCommerce Localization Can Help Your Company Go Global »

Your eCommerce company may be performing exceptionally well at home, but because of a saturated market or limited customer base, there could be difficulties growing your business internationally without taking the proper steps to succeed in the global market. The best way to grow your eCommerce company is with eCommerce localization. Benefits of eCommerce localization [...]


Is the Cantonese Language Disappearing? »

by S. Mitchell Donaldson

There has been increasing concern – especially in Hong Kong – that the Chinese dialect Cantonese is at risk of becoming extinct in a few decades. Mandarin is the main/official dialect spoken throughout the People’s Republic of China.  Cantonese is spoken in China’s Guangdong (Canton) province and Hong Kong. Prior to the handover of Hong [...]

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5 Challenges Software Companies Face in a Global Market »

As globalization continues to surge, selling your software internationally is becoming more important for software companies. Yet, with this continuing trend, there are associated obstacles that can limit the success of projects and general business operations. It is of vital importance that software companies are aware of and develop plans to overcome these challenges. So [...]

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