Glossary Development

Using accurate, contemporary terminology when translating any type of content is of critical importance toward ensuring the quality of the target-language content.

Oftentimes, a glossary of source and target language terms does not exist for content which is to be translated into one or more languages. Interpro will optionally develop multilingual glossaries for those projects that require them prior to beginning the actual translation. Once the glossaries have been translated, our clients have the option to review them using sources within their own organizations, or through overseas affiliates or distributors. Interpro will work with client-appointed reviewers to ensure that the glossaries are approved to their satisfaction. This will ensure that any preferential suggestions made by your team will be resolved at the outset, before the actual translation process begins.

Foundation for a quality translation

For all key terminology, Interpro works with each client in order to formulate the most appropriate process for ensuring that the corresponding target language terms developed by Interpro are acceptable:

  • any previous translations (if available) and glossaries provided by the client are reviewed by Interpro's linguistic teams.
  • new terms requiring clarification are discussed by Interpro and the appropriate contact person assigned by the client.
  • source and target-language glossaries comprising the most up-to-date industry terms and standards are developed.
  • on-going glossary usage is managed with terminology management and translation memory tools in order to maintain consistency from project to project

As with all of the services we offer, Interpro's Glossary Development services are executed using state-of-the art technology, emphasizing consistency, quality, reusability, and rapid time to market.

Having standardized, approved glossaries of key terminology available to translators is essential for ensuring consistency, efficiency, and complete satisfaction with the end product.

glossary development

I have been very pleased with the quality, speed, and professionalism of our translation team at Interpro. They are easy to work with and attentive to detail, and I’ve found their glossary development service to be a particularly good investment. It dramatically improves the quality of the initial translation and reduces the time and cost of post-translation validation. Bottom line, Interpro makes my job easier.

- Amber Deacon,
Documentation Manager