mCommerce / Mobile Commerce Localization

Studies show that consumers are increasing their shopping using mobile phones and tablets, and it’s clear that many prefer the convenience and ease of online shopping to physically going into a store to make a purchase. Of all online shoppers, the majority prefer shopping with a mobile phone or tablet, using their devices to quickly compare prices across different websites. These shoppers make a purchase as soon as they think of it, rather than wait until they get home to use a computer to do so.

Now that mobile phones and tablets are popular platforms for consumer shopping, retailers are responding by developing their mobile presence in order to capture this rapidly-growing market segment. Companies are building mobile apps and optimizing their websites for mobile and tablet use so that customers have an ideal user experience no matter where they’re accessing the website from.

The progression of eCommerce localization is here

If you hope to grow your international eCommerce presence, then you need to up your mobile game as well. Organizations that are marketing and selling via mobile devices (“mCommerce”) can increase sales and global market share by providing multilingual versions on iPhone and Android. To that end, Interpro can localize your mobile commerce solution, optimizing the use of consumers in target geographies.

Interpro's mCommerce localization is similar to our eCommerce localization in that we translate the SKUs and product descriptions in a way to leverage words. Apart from working with technology to localize product descriptions efficiently and accurately, we have mCommerce localization processes that we can offer your company.

We understand that your back-end platform may be different than other merchants' back-end platforms, and we are happy to work with you to customize a translation solution that makes sense. This concept is the very reason why we branded our name as "translation solutions" instead of "translation services"- to bring a customized and personal approach to every project.

Putting mobile commerce localization into focus

When you take your eCommerce localization website and localize it to mobile, you need to be aware that the front end of your product will be different. Interpro's localization engineers work with your strings to ensure that the formatting appears correctly on iPhone and Android devices. By reviewing all of the user interactions, we can guarantee that you will be pleased with the end product. Once we deliver the localized version of your mobile commerce to you, it will be ready for you to publish.

A strategic Interpro advantage is that we ensure on-time delivery with every project. We take pride in our responsiveness and partnership mentality which has been a catalyst to our mobile commerce localization success.

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