10 Video Trends That Prove Video Translation is Your Next Step

As a business owner, it’s very likely that you want to grow your business’ reach. Whether that’s expanding your staff, reaching a more global audience, or scaling in some other way, you want to keep growing. There’s a good chance that video already plays some role in your business plan, and based on these 10 video trends, there’s a good chance that video translation can help you grow your business even more this year.

Video Trends to Know in 2019

In order to see the importance of video translation in your business’s goals, you need a better understanding of the role of video in general. Most people interact with video content fairly regularly. However, the way that video is reshaping how Americans and audiences across the globe consume content may surprise you. These are the top video trends you need to understand in 2019:

  1. Video content is the most preferred type of media content.

    When researching the most preferred type of media, HubSpot found that 54% of consumers said they choose video. In that poll, video ranks ahead of blog articles, images, and even newsletters.

  2. Location matters.

    Latin Americans prefer video content. Video content outperformed all other kinds of ads, with Latin American consumers saying it is the most memorable.

  3. Personalization is important.

    82% of consumers have ditched a tab because it was autoplaying a video. Why? They considered the content annoying or off topic.

  4. It’s not all fun and games.

    Yes, online audiences want to be entertained, but a surprising number of them are looking for more than just laughs. 61% report that they want informational and educational video content.

  5. It’s how we learn.

    While we tend to think of video as an optional enhancement, research has proven time and again that audio and visual components matter when it comes to learning new things. In fact, 91% of consumers report that they have watched a video as a way to gather information about a product or service.

  6. Video works.

    In a survey of small business owners, nearly 77% of respondents said that video marketing directly impacts their business. In that same survey, 25% of people said they felt that they were lagging behind their competitors when it comes to video content.

  7. The ROI is there.

    As you look to grow your business, it is essential to consider the ROI for every move you make. A solid financial plan is key. In a study of marketing professionals, more than half of them list video as the best return on investment.

  8. It’s worth more than a picture.

    If a picture is worth one thousand words, a video is worth a lot more. How much more? One study found that a one-minute video is actually able to communicate the equivalent of 1.8 million words.

  9. Video traffic is booming.

    Cisco estimates that by 2022, video traffic will be at 82%. That’s a projected increase of 7% in the past five years.

  10. Video is going mobile.

    Smartphones are everywhere, and it turns out that the majority of people are consuming video content via their smartphones. Early research even suggests that people prefer to watch video content this way. Surprisingly, over 60% of YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices.

Why Video Translation?

Video is powerful. That is undeniable when you consider the video trends of the past several years. That means that video has a place in just about every small business.

So why is the time now for you to look into video translation? Because the video trends indicate that it is not just video content that consumers want; the video content must be personalized as well. Generic content is ignored and can actually strain relationships and sabotage sales.

By determining which videos your business already utilizes effectively in your native language and then identifying new markets, professional video translation can help you reach new audiences. The content that is delivered will be informational and capture your original message and purpose. Moreover, video translation also delivers your message in a way that is perfectly suited to your new audience.

Final Thoughts on Video Translation for 2019

Not every video on the Internet needs to be translated. However, as a small business, there is a good chance that you have at least one piece of video content that should be brought to a global audience. As you work to scale your business this year, partner with a professional translation service to see how video translation can grow the reach of your video content along with your company.