Adriana Romano

Senior Project Manager

Adriana is an Italian translation project manager at Interpro. Adriana received her BA in Comparative Studies in English and Japanese at L'Orientale University in Naples, Italy, and she received her master degree in Asian Studies at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

With Adriana's bubbly personality and extensive experience in languages and project management, there is no doubt you will love working with her on translation and localization projects.

When not providing translation and localization services, Adriana enjoys outdoor activities with her family as well as crying and laughing over a good book.

What is your favorite thing about offering translation solutions? Each language is like a secret code for the ones who can’t speak it. By providing translation services, we give our clients the key to unlock this code. It’s like magic!

What country would you most like to visit? I think I am ready for South America!

Languages: Italian, Japanese, English.

If tomorrow you could speak another language fluently, which would it be? Chinese or German.

Favorite sports team: S.S.C. Napoli.

Funniest international experience: When I was studying in Japan, I worked part time in an Italian restaurant. One of the dishes was shrimp pasta. The word for shrimp (ebi) in Japanese can sound a lot like the word for snake (hebi), at least the way I was pronouncing it to the customers. I could see a lot of people startled and looking at me anxiously while I was proudly announcing that their “Fresh Snake Pasta” was ready to be served!

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