Five benefits of using microlearning with eLearning localization

by Nicholas Strozza

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More organizations are utilizing eLearning courses to train and teach their global workforces. Because eLearning can be an affordable, effective, and accessible tool, eLearning localization has become one of Interpro’s most critical services.

eLearning courses can take up to 30-60 minutes to complete. However, experts are saying the shorter, the better. Considering the primary users of eLearning technology can be those with shorter attention spans, “microlearning” has become a key strategy that can help maximize eLearning experiences.

Microlearning is a way of delivering content to learners in small “nuggets” of time (typically three to five minutes or sometimes even shorter). It’s a learner-centric approach that provides “just-in-time training,” which means that learners can access the content when they need it. It’s also created for access on multiple devices like tablets, smart phones, desktop computers, and laptops to ensure that content can be easily accessed, quickly completed, and applied by the learners.

It’s now common for employees to take a more active role in identifying next steps for personal and professional development. This is a great opportunity for organizations to take advantage of the virtual learning phenomenon and enable microlearning options.

Microlearning is an ideal method to incorporate into the eLearning localization process. Here are five benefits of using microlearning in your next global eLearning endeavor:

1. Microlearning is empowering.

Microlearning nuggets can be developed in a variety of formats such as a presentation, activity, game, discussion, video, quiz, book chapter, or any other format from which someone learns. The goal is for content to appeal to different types of learners. Microlearning offers the learner more control and the chance to build a personalized and flexible development plan to match individual learning styles. With eLearning localization, a variety of formats is ideal for connecting with a variety of people and cultures.

2. Microlearning can be used “just-in-time.”

Rather than being forced to work through a series of courses you think they need, learners can pull specific content “on demand.” It isn’t as disruptive as a full day of training or even a few hours of eLearning courses. eLearning localization thrives on effective content so more people in more places can have the information they need to be successful.

3. Microlearning uses video.

A popular format for microlearning is video, which is obviously a widely-used communication tool in today’s visual and tech-driven world. In fact, 70 percent of Millennials visit YouTube monthly; they simply prefer video over other mediums. When localizing eLearning courses, video is a great way to present conversations, interviews, or graphics so that content can be effective for each unique culture and/or language.

4. Microlearning is easy to update/requires a shorter development cycle

Because of the overall length and formats, microlearning nuggets can be developed and updated relatively quickly. Plus, overall costs are lower than with traditional eLearning courses. With eLearning localization, content is often needed in a variety of languages for a variety of cultures, so it’s ideal when development is easy and affordable.

5. Microlearning promotes productivity.

Microlearning requires minimum involvement. Your organization can choose to invest minimum or maximum time on training, depending on availability and workload. They have the power to adjust their training to fit around their job engagements. This is why microlearning encourages knowledge retention and productivity.

Next Steps? Partnering with Interpro for eLearning Localization using microlearning

Are you ready to incorporate microlearning in your next eLearning project? Interpro can assist with your eLearning localization needs to help create learner-centered solutions, current with today’s technological trends, for learners around the globe.

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