Localizing eLearning Programs For An International Audience

by Ralph Strozza

eLearning localization is a growing need and we know this. A huge part of the eLearning industry is finding solutions to the way consumers view education and training. How do you engage your consumers? How do you produce an effective training module? These questions need to be asked to be able to find a way to continue to improve eLearning.

Starting in 2011, the global market for self-paced eLearning reached $35.6 billion. And in 2018, revenues are estimated to reach $53.0 billion. With this growth in numbers, it's apparent that we also need to continue to keep the consumers' native language in mind when developing eLearning. That is where eLearning localization comes into play. If you company is global, or is expected to be in the future, if you have employees who are non-native English speakers, Interpro can work with you to localize your eLearning programs for your audience.

View our white paper here: Localizing eLearning Programs for an International Audience.

Ralph Strozza


"I absolutely love foreign languages and technology. Being able to leverage that passion in order to assist our clients in being successful is what I most enjoy about coming in to work every day."