Articulate Storyline Translation

Delivering training via eLearning platforms is a proven approach and is projected to increase year over year. While English is the primary language of eLearning course development, eLearning localization is critical to reaching a wider audience and overall program success. Articulate Storyline is a leading industry software for creating interactive eLearning courses. Interpro offers an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified turnkey localization service of Storyline-authored eLearning courses into the world’s most popular languages.

eLearning (Storyline) Translation process

What is the typical workflow for the eLearning course localization, which is authored in Storyline? It starts with the source storyline file and published course in the source language that is provided by our client for translation. We then export or extract the translatable content from the source storyline and graphic files for translation and analyze the content against the translation memory.

Next, we pair you with a dedicated Project Manager who will be your point of contact for all projects that we partner with you on. The translation, revision, and proofreading of the prepared translatable content are executed in-country by our professional linguistic teams, after which our Desktop Publishing team begin the Storyline onscreen text formatting phase of the project. Then, the course will be published as version 1.0 in the target language for a comprehensive online validation, which includes linguistic QA, format QA, graphic QA, Quiz section QA and all other functional QA to ensure the course in the target language is 100% identical to the source language in every aspect. The audio is still in English in this cycle.

After this cycle of online validation and changes implementation is completed, the client or our linguistic team will sign-off on the course (Version 1.XX), meaning no linguistic changes will be made later to the recording script. Following this, voice-over recording will be launched.

Interpro provides professional audio recording in world’s most popular languages with selected professional voice talents, completed in professional Studios. After the VOR is completed, Interpro will integrate the audio files to the Storyline file and re-sync each audio file with the screens animation. The course will then be published as version 2.0 for another cycle of online validation and change implementation. Verifying the audio sync is the major focus of this round. A final target language course will be published after all validation issues are fixed. Interpro delivers the published course and the source storyline file in the target language back to the client.

Text Expansion in Storyline Course Localization

Translated content can expand considerably in relation to the source language and may not fit into the screen designed for the source language. Our team is careful to look out for screens where text expansion is likely to be an issue, as well as those that are text-heavy. We anticipate what is required to ensure that the course screen looks like it was developed in the target language, not a retrofitted version of it.


On-screen graphics may contain text which needs to be translated. When text is embedded in the graphic, the text will need to be reproduced in an external file and translated. Then we can localize the original graphic. “Localizing” can be defined as replacing the source language text with the target language text and formatting it so that it appears correctly.

Turnkey Storyline eLearning Course Localization Services

Our deliverable will be a fully-localized course in the target language that is fully translated, formatted, recorded and engineered to match the source storyline eLearning course – ready to deploy immediately – leaving no additional work for you or your team to do. Many of our clients enjoy working with Interpro for this very reason.

As with all other types of content that we translate, your Storyline course translation will be done using Translation Memory technology to ensure quality, consistency with previously translated materials, and leveraging to maximize cost effectiveness and delivery efficiencies.

Let us know how we can assist you with your next Storyline eLearning Course localization project.