Agile Localization

Agile is becoming the norm for tech-driven, fast-growing software companies, enabling businesses to focus on continuous product enhancement. Interpro’s roots are based in software localization: we understand software user interfaces and the complexities involved in translating them from one language to another.

Our Agile and traditional software localization processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards. We strictly follow industry best practices, and integrate with each customer’s process, ensuring transparency and predictable outcomes.

  • Including Interpro Project Managers in daily sprints to better integrate translation in your iterative development process
  • Providing a dedicated team of linguistic resources who learn your product and process, resulting in a savings of time and money, without sacrificing quality
  • Working directly with your development team, enabling the localization team to anticipate issues – before they become issues
  • Training the localization team in the principles of Agile workflow to achieve the overall best, most expedient results
  • Adjusting the traditional localization process and selecting the most effective tools to rapidly release content
  • Using the early sprints to collect key terms, create definitions, and research and develop the most appropriate translations for them to facilitate Agile development
  • Identifying and sharing continuous improvements to the source content and style, possibly through retrospective participation
  • Teaching language consistency as a component of the Definition of Done in order to increase opportunities for content reuse, and future localization cost reductions
  • Testing the UI and overall UX to assist in finding potential translation and/or functional errors

Agile development represents a paradigm change in the software development world. Agile development requires an Agile approach to localization, resulting in a more flexible development process and a clearer understanding of team requirements and goals.

If your organization has adopted an Agile development model and you need to make multilingual versions of your software available to your target audiences, give us a call. Our experience in Agile software localization may be just what you need in order to successfully achieve your overall objectives.

agile localization workflow