eCommerce Localization – IRCE 2016

As the world of eCommerce is constantly evolving, here at Interpro, we always want to stay ahead of the game. This June, we will be exhibiting at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) to showcase our eCommerce localization services and we are excited to take part in such an innovative, exciting network for the 6th consecutive year.

Successful eCommerce Localization

If a company is trying to expand their market, it has to stay up to date on the latest eCommerce trends, especially if going global and selling to international markets successfully is the end goal. IRCE not only includes panels full of experts and industry leaders, but it promises to provide every business with new marketing strategies and the tools they need to take their online retail business to the next level. Selling online can take a few different formats, including localizing a website, online Advertisements, web based applications and selling on Amazon.

Demonstrating our capabilities

IRCE shares on their website that the exhibition hall of the conference will include “the latest and greatest solution providers”, including Interpro at booth 667. There will be over 600 e-commerce vendors, each of us offering technologies to help a business thrive along with retail solutions. Localization and global is always a hot topic with conference attendees and Interpro is excited to be at the forefront showcasing our over 21 years of experience in the industry.

Running an online retail business is a job in and of itself, but when a company wants to exponentially expand their market, their customers, and their brand, they have to consider working with a professional translation company. This is a huge task for online retailers to undertake. eCommerce localization isn’t exactly a DIY project, and with so many other facets of running an eCommerce business, we’re happy to take on the job of adapting and translating an online retailer’s website to connect with another culture.

Amazon Translation

We’re also eager to speak to internet retailers about selling their products globally through Amazon translation. Because Amazon is such a trusted company, many international customers feel comfortable purchasing a product through the online store, but without the proper modification of product, copy, and marketing, a product won’t succeed in another language on Amazon. At Interpro, we can also provide customers with the localization they need of their products in order to make Amazon a viable marketplace for their business. Selling global products on Amazon requires excellent Amazon translation services.

Making valuable connections

Not only is IRCE a great place to network with other businesses, but it also provides Interpro with plenty of learning opportunities. The world of technology and eCommerce is constantly evolving, adapting, and updating. We want to stay as educated as possible on the latest eCommerce trends so we can provide the best possible services to our clients, therefore helping their own business thrive. We also have the opportunity to meet with some of our current clients and partners in attendance and IRCE provides a great opportunity to reconnect and discuss eCommerce Localization.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting at IRCE in Chicago from June 7th to June 10th and are truly excited to be one of the industry experts there to offer marketing strategies to online retailers.