Captivate Translation

Adobe Captivate is a popular authoring platform that allows users to create responsive eLearning content. Interpro provides turnkey Captivate translation services that localize your content into the most widely-spoken global languages. It is no secret that eLearning is an essential 21st century business tool. Personalized learning, increased retention of information and heightened engagement are just some of the reasons why more companies deploy eLearning as their educational tool of choice. In fact, a recent Brandon Hall study estimates that over 85% of companies are using eLearning in some form or another.

Captivate Translation Workflow

With our Captivate translation process, our in-country linguistic team collaborates with our desktop publishing (DTP) team to ensure that all text and graphics are localized to preserve the content and page layout. Every business and organization that we partner with are paired with a project manager who serves as the central point of contact throughout the translation process. Once the team is in place, the translation process begins.

Upon receiving the source CPTX files, our team will examine how the eLearning course was built, and will then analyze which aspects of the course contain text to be localized. The team will also review the source files for graphics and screen captures, as well as audio to text sync points. After all of the localizable text has been identified, the files are prepared for translation. For existing clients, we run the prepared text against your existing Translation Memory. Once all of our analyses are done and a quotation is generated and approved, our linguistic team will proceed to translate, revise, and proofread the content. All translations are executed in-country by professional native-speaking subject matter experts.

Should audio recording be included as a project component, we provide professional voice over recording through our native speaking talent working in a professional sound studio setting. We assign a director who will instruct the voice talents to record the localized narrative in a complementary style, ensuring that the speaker’s tone aligns with the original message. Furthermore, since voice-over translation is done using professional sound equipment, the finished output will be optimized using post-production tools that clean the audio files and normalize the loudness. Our team guarantees that the quality of the target-language audio is equal or superior to the source audio.

Once the translation and audio recording steps are completed, our DTP and engineering teams work within the source Captivate files for formatting, audio syncing and publishing. Since translated text and localized graphics replace the English equivalents, the team will adjust the translated content using different techniques such as cropping and adjusting font size to account for text expansion or contraction, as well as other required adjustments.

The fully localized version of the course is then published in the target language, after which it undergoes rigorous online validation by native speakers of the target language. The validation process encompasses multiple layers of quality assurance, including linguistic, graphic, and functional testing. During this online validation process, the localized course is run side by side with the source-language course to ensure that the text and context have been preserved, that the font and text direction are accurate, and that the localized course functions in exactly the same way as the original course. In short, the target-language user experience should parallel that of the source-language experience. Any necessary modifications or corrections will be applied before the target course and source application files are delivered to the client.

Additional Captivate Translation Considerations

Depending on the target language, text expansion or contraction is a linguistic reality. This adjustment in length can extend to as much as 20%-50%, depending on the language, especially if parenthetical information is included in the source content. Although newer versions of Adobe Captivate feature responsive content creation with fluid text boxes, our professional DTP and engineering teams ensure that the re-sizing and re-flowing of text on each slide are accurate, consistent, and clear.

Another consideration concerns the formatting of both text and graphics. Our team ensures that formatting, such as bullets and text alignment, are placed correctly in order to enhance readability. The DTP team will check that the text within graphics and the graphics themselves follow the design principles of alignment, proximity, contrast, and repetition.

Turnkey Captivate Translation Services

Several studies have concluded that eLearning can reduce overall learning time by as much as 50%. Given the extraordinary potential impact that eLearning can have on its intended audiences, as well as for the organizations that employ them, turnkey Captivate translation services such as those provided by Interpro are definitely worth considering.

Through our rigorous ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified translation and quality assurance processes, we accurately and efficiently deploy your eLearning content to audiences speaking virtually any language worldwide.

Let us know how we can assist you with your next Captivate eLearning localization project.