App Translation

As smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, activities such as web surfing, texting, social networking, and GPS navigation become easier and more intuitive, as do voice and email communication. At the same time, mobile applications are becoming more varied, and boast more and more capabilities. From games to restaurant guides, shopping assistants to Twitter, mobile apps now reach much farther than your local network.

There are several ways in which user interface (UI) content can be prepared for translation, and Interpro is equipped to translate UI strings no matter what your development environment dictates. In some cases, only a select number of UI strings needs to be translated, and clients may choose to send a small subset of strings – in a resource file or even exported into an Excel file – to be translated. Interpro will translate these files, and deliver the translated versions in the format of the source language files, allowing them to be effortlessly reloaded into the app.

The most efficient way to localize an app is to provide the full string files. Interpro is quite experienced working with all of the standard resource formats (properties, po, resx, xml, etc.). We make sure that only the message strings are translated, and the string ids are left unchanged. The translated resource files will be delivered in their original format, ready for use within your app.

Once the translated strings have been loaded into the app, Interpro can execute quality assurance and validation of the localized app as an additional service. Our multilingual QA specialists will navigate through the entire app, checking all the screens to ensure that:

  • all text is translated,
  • word breaking and line wrapping function correctly,
  • the layout is properly formatted,
  • and no text overlaps the edge of the screen elements.

Interpro has the experience and tools to assist you with your mobile app localization projects, regardless of how your organization is planning its strategic global mobile presence.