When eLearning Localization Goes Mobile — Interpro Attends FocusOn

focus on eLearning showJune is a busy month for Interpro as we prepare to attend the 2016 FocusOn Learning Expo, a collection of mobile, video, and performance support vendors making up the exhibition in order to share their insight and technological services on eLearning and mobile learning. FocusOn is organized by the eLearning Guild, and we are excited to participate in this event to showcase our eLearning localization services. Dean Haman and Adriana Romano will be representing Interpro in Austin, TX at booth 508 on Wednesday June 8th and Thursday June 9th.

eLearning Localization Capabilities

The expo promises to be exclusive, covering everything from social media learning solutions to instructional design services. At booth 508, Interpro will proudly be showcasing our specialized expertise in all things related to training, elearning and multimedia localization. As the world of eLearning continues to expand, training material has to be translated for other cultures and languages. Dean has years of experience account managing training based projects. Adriana brings the project manager perspective to attendees, as Adriana is responsible for executing approved projects for our clients on time and within budget. Many of Adriana’s projects involve eLearning Localization.

FocusOn Goes Mobile

Classroom based training is no longer the norm, multilingual speakers can be trained at their pace online and even on mobile devices. Not only does the concept mean you’re attracting new clients and reaching a target audience, but being educated in your own native language is incredibly important to ensure effective learning is retained.

The premise of this year’s FocusOn expo includes teaching eLearning professionals about the importance of mobile learning. It’s the primary way to connect with eLearners, as it gives those taking the course a chance to utilize podcasts, blogs, videos, and even enhance their productivity. Focusing on mobile eLearning also gives businesses a chance to take their employee training to the next level by making education even more accessible through online devices, and giving their employees a chance to learn on the go. In a global market, it’s an incredibly effective way to connect with your employees and to give them the confidence they need to succeed with you.

We are incredibly proud to be a part of the FocusOn expo so we can cover all aspects of learning localization, including audio translation and localization of graphics. For those learning companies that haven’t distributed their learning materials into a mobile format, we are eager to discuss how Interpro can help from a language translation perspective with our eLearning localization services.